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Substantive editing (includes reorganizing/restructuring manuscript for impact or clarity; fact checking; working with author and designer)


Stylistic editing (includes editing to clarify meaning, improve language, eliminate jargon, ensure consistency in tone)


Copy editing (includes editing grammar, spelling, punctuation; ensuring consistency in spelling, use of measurements, levels of heads)


Transfer checking from English to French


Proofreading (includes English-French parallel check of galleys and blueprints; World Wide Web sites; CD-ROM material)



English: Spoken, read, written

Spanish: Read

German: Read



Computer: MacBookPro

Softwares: Microsoft Office = Word 2010; PowerPoint 2010; Excel 2010

• Adobe Acrobat X Pro

Internet: Safari, Google

Printer: HP Laser

Fax: Canon


Training and development in computer and language PROFESSIONAL areas

2012: Editing ebooks The Language Portal of Canada The Challenges of Editing in             Sciences (at Ottawa)

2009: Web Content Management (at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver)

2008: Translation for Screen (movie and television) (at Montreal)

2007: French-English Translating of Quebec Government Documents (at Quebec City)

2006: Publications’ Indexing (at Hull, Ottawa Region)





Successfully passed the federal exam GAT (General Administration Test) in 1990 – At the Canadian Museum of Civilization


EMPLOYMENT DETAILS (see Personal and Professional Achievement for more details)

1996– : Freelancing French Editor

For public and private sector, editing, texts adjustments and adaptation, rewriting, translation, galleys and blueprints proofreading. All categories of texts (books, brochures, ads, slogans, posters, publications catalogues, newsletters, videos, Web texts, multimedia material, exhibition texts and other printed products, educational material, children material, maps, etc.). Different fields of expertise: culture, museology, ethnology (Native and Inuit People), Canadian history and cultural groups, environment, health, knowledge transfer, evaluation, etc.


1994–1996: French Editor

- Text editing (carrying out parallel read; clarifying terminology [using reference material or in consultation with Museum experts]; smoothing translations), rewriting, adjustment and adaptation for different products (exhibition panels and labels, books, brochures, leaflets, guides, photo captions, plans and maps, calendars, calendars of events, advertising posters, invitations, greeting cards, educational kit, educational material, school programmes, interpretive material, bibliographies and reference lists, crosswords, games for kids, address books, publications catalogues, all sorts of graphics, videos, Web sites, CD-ROMs). Proofreading the above-mentioned material (layout and blueprints or bluelines). Supervision and editing the translations of all sorts of interpretation and outreach or dissemination products for a wide audience (regional, national and international, adults and children). Supervision of a team of freelance editors, from assessing projects to be sent out (level of edit and time involved) to advising on style and liaising between curator and freelancer; responsible for quality control of final product. Updating as needed the Style Guide / Manuel de rédaction for use in house and by freelancers. Translation.

- Work with curators (researchers), project and exhibition managers, and exhibition and graphic designers.

- Clients inside the Museum: Canadian Children’s Museum, Canadian Postal Museum, Educational Services, Communication, Conservation, Commercial Enterprises, and all other Divisions.

- Fields: Archaeology, Ethnology, Native and Inuit Contemporary Art, Folk Culture and Art, Fine Crafts, History, Canada Mail, Children’s World, Education/Pedagogy, Internet, Museology.

1991–1994: French Editor and Project Manager

- Editing exhibition, books and other products’ texts (see previous section).

- Promotional back cover texts for publications’ writing. Writing and production, in collaboration, and updating as requested the Museum’s Style Guide / Manuel de rédaction for use in house and by freelancers.

- Project management (books, calendars, agendas, address books, cards, publications catalogues) from development to production (including scheduling and budgeting).

- Work with English and French co-publishers, curators, designers.

1989–1991: Exhibition Manager

- Planing and managing exhibitions schedule, budget and resources of in-house exhibitions. Planning and managing budget, resources and installation schedule of borrowed and travelling exhibitions. Managing all exhibition texts (from the writing process to the translation and editing and the production processes of exibition’s labels and panels; managing the same way all related exhibition texts) and products.

- Writing, in collaboration, an English-French installation manual.

- Work with curators, exhibition and graphic designers, French and English editors, communications officers, preparators, workshops and security.

September 1988–February 1989:

Interlangue Language School at Ottawa

French Teacher

June–August 1988:             National Aviation Museum at Ottawa

Museum Guide

1987: Ethnological field survey with elderly people (Quebec City)

19851986 : Quebec City Harbour, Ports Canada


Classification plan, classification, microfilming, and indexing old and actual plans / maps. Reception / Service to researchers.

19831984 : Quebec City Harbour, Ports Canada


Writing of a lexical index (dormant records identification); old plans / maps classification and indexing.

1983: Laval University, Sainte-Foy (Quebec City)

Graduate Assistant

Course of lecture from Dr. Marcel Moussette, called “Introduction à la culture matérielle” (introduction to material culture).



Research Assistant

Research in iconography with Dr. Jean Simard, ethnologist.



1979–1980: Laval University, Quebec City

French Language Certificate

1973–1978: Laval University, Quebec City

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Arts and Traditions, Anthropology and Linguistics

1970–1972: Sainte-Foy C.E.G.E.P., Quebec City

Senior matriculation in French Literature

1965–1970: Chanoine-Delisle High School, Senneterre, Abitibi

High school degree in Science and Literature


Personal and Professional Achievement


2012: Editing and proofreading the text’s layout and proofs of the French version of the Guide to Knowledge Translation Planning at CIHR: Integrated and End-of-Grant Approaches entitled Guide de planification de l’application des connaissances aux IRSC : approches intégrées et de fin de subvention for the CIHR (Canadian Institutes of Health Research), Ottawa.

2011-2012: Editing the text of the Guide d’intervention pour la tuberculose – Édition 2012 (a guide to address tuberculosis) for the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (Department of Health and Social Services) du Québec.

2010: Editing the proofs (on paper) of the Guide d’intervention médicosociale (about medico-social intervention) for the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (Department of Health and Social Services) du Québec

2010: - Editing at proof stage (on paper and in PDF) of the French report entitled Vivre avec l’arthrite au Canada : un défi de santé personnel et de santé publique / Life with Arthritis in Canada: A personnal and public health challenge; translation (from English to French) of the  report summary / résumé du rapport for the Web site

- French editing of the following texts for the Public Health Agency of Canada:

Evaluation Learning Event - Policy on Evaluation - Directive on Evaluation

2009: - Proofreading of a guide to field description of Québec’s minerals entitled Guide pratique d’identification des minéraux du Québec for Les Publications du Québec

- Proofreading (press proof with changes) of a book on the pleasure to eat through time in Québec entitled Plaisirs gourmands 1885–1979 in the series Limites de la mémoire for Les Publications du Québec

2008: S.O.S. OS : des os solides à tout âge! French editing and proofreading the 1st set of proofs of the translation and adaptation by Jean-Yves Dionne of the book The Bone-Building Solution, for John Wiley & Sons Canada

2007: Editing the French version text of the book Ancient Nomads of the Eurasian and North American Grasslands / Les anciens nomades des steppes de l’Eurasie et des plaines de l’Amérique du Nord for the Canadian Museum of Civilization (Hull [Canada]) and the Samara Museum of History and Regional Studies (Russia), published in February 2009

2006: Et mes enfants dans tout ça? Un guide pour les parents vivant avec un cancer du sein. Editing of the French version of What About my Kids? A Guide for Parents Living with Breast Cancer, for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

2001: Proofreading of the report entitled Un projet pour le Québec : affirmation, autonomie et leadership. English version: A Project for Quebec: Affirmation, Autonomy and Leadership, for the Quebec Liberal Party

1997: Proofreading of a book on home made textile through time in Québec entitled La production textile domestique au Québec, 1827-1940, for the Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa



1994– : Supervising the translation, from English to French, of all the texts (including French editing of the translated texts) of the new Canadian Children’s Museum, at the Canadian Museum of Civilization

19911995: Publications as a French Editor

- Raven’s Village / Le village de Corbeau (on the Northwest Coast Natives of Canada) (1995)

- Inuit Women Artists: Voices from Cape Dorset / Femmes artistes inuit : échos de Cape Dorset (on contemporary Inuit art) (1994)

- Just for Nice: German-Canadian Folk Art / Un brin de fantaisie : art populaire germano-canadien (1993)

- Publications Catalogue of the Canadian Museum of Civilization / Catalogue des publications du Musée canadien des civilisations (1993)

Publication as a Writer, in collaboration, of the French style guide of the Canadian Museum of Civilization / Manuel de rédaction du Musée canadien des civilisations

Publication, as a Project Manager, of bilingual books and other paper products

- INDIGENA: Contemporary Native Perspectives / INDIGENA : perspectives autochtones contemporaines (1992) (both English and French versions of the book with Douglas & McIntyre from Vancouver)

- Inuit calendar Masters of the Arctic: Contemporary Inuit Art from the Canadian Museum of Civilization / Maîtres de l’Arctique : l’art inuit contemporain au Musée canadien des civilisations (1995) with Garfinkel Publications from Vancouver (bilingual)

- Inuit calendar Masters of the Arctic: Contemporary Inuit Art from the Canadian Museum of Civilization / Maîtres de l’Arctique : l’art inuit contemporain au Musée canadien des civilisations (1994) with Garfinkel Publications from Vancouver (bilingual); this calendar won the 1st prize of the American Museums Association in the category of calendars and boutique sales products

- Inuit calendar Masters of the Arctic: Contemporary Inuit Art from the Canadian Museum of Civilization / Maîtres de l’Arctique : l’art inuit contemporain au Musée canadien des civilisations (1993)

- Calendar on wood carvings 1994 with Wyman & Son from Ottawa (bilingual)

- Calendar on wood carvings 1993 with Wyman & Son from Ottawa (bilingual)

- Cards et address book on Canadian contemporary Inuit art (1994) (bilingual)

- Cards and address book on Canadian Native art (1994) (bilingual)

- Publications Catalogue of the Canadian Museum of Civilization / Catalogue des publications du Musée canadien des civilisations (1993) (both English and French versions)

19891991: Management of different exhibitions displayed at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, such as Pointing at the Wind / Signes des vents (weather-vanes); Hope: Seeing the World Through New Eyes / Espoir - Voir le monde sous un jour nouveau (international co-operation); Beyond the Golden Mountain / Au delà de la Montagne d'or (Chinese Canadians); The Maple Leaf Forever / Vive la feuille d'érable! (flags of Canada); Family Treasures / Trésors de famille (kids’ drawings and family objects); On the Cutting Edge / En un tour de main (the Pascal collection of woodworking hand tools)



1984: Writing, in collaboration, of a lexical index of old documents from the Quebec City Harbour called Répertoire des documents manuscrits de la Commission du havre de Québec 1859–1936 for the Quebec City Harbour

1980: Publications at the Office de la langue française (French Language Bureau, Quebec City) as an Information Technician

- An English-French style guide to write menus called Guide de rédaction des menus (1980)

- An English-French glossary on food chemistry called Lexique de la chimie alimentaire (1980)

1972: Canadian exchange - Work as a Zimmermädchen (chambermaid) at Lech am Arlberg, in Austria; travel in Germany and Belgium

1971: Cultural trip in France, England, Scotland and Spain

1970: Development and administration, in collaboration, of an "Opportunities for Youth project: Animation with children"


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