Dominique Fortier has a B.A. (major in arts and folk culture; minor in anthropology and linguistics) and a certificate in French language studies from the Université Laval at Québec.

For a number of years, she worked at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, where she acquired extensive experience in the editing and revision of texts and project management, within a bilingual English-French environment. During this time, she edited a wide range of texts, adapting these to the requirements of clients in the Museum’s many divisions.

For the past fifteen years, Dominique has had her own editing business, putting her editing experience to good work on behalf of clients in the private and public sectors.

Her clients include a number of federal and Quebec departments and agencies, as well as municipalities and companies whose primary purpose involves providing their citizens, their populations, and their clients with services in Canada’s two official languages.

She also keeps her skills sharp through training aimed at acquiring additional knowledge and expertise within her field, such as Editing ebooks, Social Media for Professional Communicators, Web Content Management for Publishers, Translate for the Screen, French-English Translating of Québec Government Documents, Indexing Publications, Make the Language Portal of Canada Work for You!, and The Challenges of Editing in Science. Ultimately, anything that relates to her primary interest: language.

Dominique is a member of the Editors’ Association of Canada.




Dominique Fortier
at the EAC/ACR